# Backup (device change, restoration, data transfer)


This is a guide about backup (model change, restoration, data migration).

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# About events backups

Events created with minical are saved in your external services such as iCloud, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Events are not saved in minical.


save events

fetch events

Google Calender

external service

Even if you change your device, you can refer to events data by linking with the external service you are using from the iOS settings. Please refer to the following for the steps to connect an external service.


  • If your events is saved in your device (Default, iPhone, iPad) instead of an external service, your events data will be saved in your device.
  • Please check Connect iCloud Calendar for how to save events data to iCloud instead of your device.
  • If you change the color of the event from the color of the calendar on the event edit screen, the color information will be saved in iCloud. Please take over the data with iCloud when changing your device.

# How to transfer minical pro to another device

If you signed in with the same Apple ID, you can restore from the purchase history.

  1. Open minical
  2. Tap the Settings button at the top right of the screen
  3. Tap "Remove Ads & Unlock Featuress"
  4. Tap "Restore Purchases" at the bottom of the screen

# About restoring deleted events and calendars

Events and calendars deleted on minical cannot be restored. However, if you are backing up with an external service as an exception, you may be able to restore the data.

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